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Alex Duetto Evo espressomachine

Alex Duetto Evo espressomachine
by Izzo

Model Alex Duetto Evo is het nieuwste topmodel espressomachine van Izzo. Dit model is gebaseerd op model Duetto IV, maar is voorzien van een nieuwe regelunit en een 3,5″ touch screen LCD display.
Hiermee kan de volgende informatie worden weergegeven of instelling worden aangepast:
- coffee brewing counter
- shot timer
7 days programmable timer (3 time zones to turn on the machine)
- Water loading control
- Automatic water loading
- Heating priority control steam boiler/coffee boiler
- Energy saving
- Maintenance and cleaning
- Warning and alarms
- Customized logo on starting

Andere kenmerken:
• New boilers in stainless steel with easy emptying system.
• New solenoid valve, mushroom and gicleur in stainless steel.
• Easy access to the heating elements for maintenance.
• Coibented boilers for energy saving.
• Magnetic system for an easy positioning of the drip-tray.
• Cup clearance has been increased to allow the use of the Mug cups.
• Steam wand in steel.
• Steam nozzles Kits kit (to improve all kinds of cappuccino)
• The machine can be either operated with its internal tank or it can be plumbeb in.
• New upper grid with an easy access for filling the tank
• USB port for driver update
• Personalized knobs (coulored or wooden = meerprijs)


€ 2.998,00